This Magical Monday we’re continuing the theme of gratitude. Unlike last week, I’m not in a craptastic mood (thank GAWD!) but I still like to start a Monday with counting my blessings. So here we go.

I’m grateful for:

* My wonderful hubby. He knows I’ve been experiencing a lull lately and he’s been comforting and understanding.

* The BEAUTIFUL new look that Michelle Noehren gave my blog My Everyday Magic! It’s absolutely gorgeous and all the Fairies and commenters LOVE it! I  just can’t thank you enough, Dear Sister!

* Homeschooling. I have to admit I’m VERY grateful I don’t have to do any back-to-school shopping. Especially since buying my 5 year old new clothes never goes over well ~ that little dude wears the same outfit day in and day out (even to bed!). Hmmmmm, perhaps I’m raising the next Einstein…

* Good dark beer shared with my hubby.

* Thick crust pizza.

* Grocery shopping by myself yesterday  ~ always a nice little vacation.

* Apple cider donuts.

* My cleaning lady who comes today ~ she does the deep cleaning and our house desperately needs it right now.

* Hummingbirds at our feeder even as I type.

* Deep breathing is always good.

* Ice tea.

* The times when I can shower without my 2 year old crying outside the shower door. Who knew that me taking a shower could be viewed as SO unreasonable! (Cross your fingers for me that I get one of the easy showers this morning, please!)

* Deciding that even though I may suck at aerial silks right now that I’m going to be AWESOME someday ~ and deciding to document my sucky-to-awesome journey! 

* New projects and new possibilities!

Thanks for taking the time to be grateful with me, this Magical Monday! Keep on rockin’ it, Sister! ♥


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