My husband had an interesting childhood.  Tragically, his father died while out on a jog at Disney World when my husband was just 5 years old.  Needless to say, we will not be visiting Disney anytime soon… (We use humor to deal)

This tragedy had a major impact on my husband’s childhood and continues to impact the decisions he makes about his health, our financial security, and his role as a father.  When we were first dating, I was employed as a crisis counselor, so we talked quite a bit about his childhood and the aftermath of his father’s death as we got to know one another.  What stuck with me most about those conversations was just how  important it was for him to have a son to be able to share experiences with that he had only ever dreamed of having with his dad.

As my son gets older, I am getting to witness my husband’s dreams come true, and I have to say, it feels amazing.  Our son is bizarrely good at t-ball, so that was my first glimpse of seeing the dream become reality for my husband, but this past weekend took it to a whole new level when we went on our first family vacation to the Jersey Shore and my husband got to share the joys of an amusement park with our son.

I snapped this shot of my husband and son as they briskly walked toward the rides on the Point Pleasant Board Walk.  My daughter and I couldn’t keep up, but it didn’t matter.  I couldn’t help but smile as I heard them yelling about each of the rides they saw with such a pure excitement and knowing that for my husband this wasn’t just a trip to an amusement park, this was another moment where his dreams had become reality.

This fall, my husband is going to coach our son on his first soccer team.  I feel extremely lucky to both watch the excitement of life through my son’s eyes and the joy in my husband of having his dreams come true.

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