Next week my daughter is starting preschool.  I can’t believe it.   As much as I said the first year of her life seemed to drag on and on, the last two have passed along much quicker.  My daughter’s new school sent our packets of information to our home several weeks ago, but I am just digging through the details now.  I already feel like a slacker.  Anyway, as I went through the pages of information that included an academic calendar, standard health forms, various permission slips, and the schedule of parent-teacher meetings and family activities, it was then I realized, “Sh*t, this isn’t daycare, this is REAL school!”

We are truly thrilled to become part of a new academic and social community, but it’s exciting and unnerving all at the same time.  You see, I am a procrastinator by nature, hence the fact that I am just now really going over all of the details.  While I love shopping for all the back-to-school items like new back packs, fall clothes, shiny shoes that fit, and a lunch box, I haven’t even done that yet.  I put off filling out boring forms AND the fun stuff!  Luckily, I have been getting by as a mom so far because my child is very go with the flow and not wedded to a schedule.  But I think this preschool gig is going to be the kick in the pants that I need to be a little more organized and provide the family with the positive aspects of a routine.  However, like my fellow blogger, Kriste, I have no idea how I am going to manage the morning schedule since I have been known to drop my kid off at daycare anywhere between 8-10 am, depending on the day.  Now that I think about it, I haven’t had to be at school at a consistent time since I graduated High School in 1995!  So, I guess in a sense it is back-to-school time for mom, too.  I hope I pass this test with flying colors.  My one daughter is depending on me.  You mothers who handle sending multiple children to school are rock stars!

Despite all the organizational hiccups we may encounter, I am so excited for my daughter.  All summer she has been asking me if it’s time to go to the little red school yet.  I hope that enthusiasm never wears off.  I never went to pre-k when I was her age so I have no idea what awaits my child.  But I knew this place was the right one for us when the school’s director told me the two things they really try to instill in the students is washing hands and putting things away.  A choir of angels sang a song of joy in my head at that very moment.  If I had a child that consistently practiced good hygiene on her own and didn’t leave headless baby dolls on the living room floor, then the tuition will have paid for itself!

Wishing all the moms, dads, and children out there a happy and seamless back-to-school transition.


Yup, this kid is ready for school.

Yup, this kid is ready for school (and possibly a trip to the hair salon), but is mommy?



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