Picture courtesy of my son!

My wife and I are an affectionate couple.  Don’t worry, we save the icky teenagery stuff for the bedroom, but if you’ve spent any amount of time with us, you’ve probably seen us kiss, hug, hold hands, or shoot each other ‘the eye’ once or twice.  We’ve been together nearly 14 years and it’s pretty much always been this way.  

Come the introduction of children, it never really occurred to us to cut back on the kisses and hugs.  My girls haven’t entered the ‘icky-gross’ stage yet, so when they see us kiss, they run over and squeeze their little bodies between us, demanding, “Tiss me too!”  My son, who is every bit seven years old, likes to scrunch up his nose with an “ewwww, you two are allllways kissing!”.  Don’t let it fool you, though, when we turn from each other to chase him around the house and plant millions of kisses all over him, giggles happily burst from his body.  The other day, I was annoyed with my wife for something or other and my 3 year old offered her some sage advice: “Oh mama, just say sorry and kiss her already!”

Affection is just a way of life for our kids, but I realize that is not the case for all.  In fact, I grew up in a home in which I rarely saw my parents hugging, kissing, or holding hands.  Whether it is comfort level or something more, I understand that households vary on this.  I was recently observing other parents at a playdate and it occurred to me that my wife and I were definitely the touchy-feely-est ones there, even with just a couple pecks and a back rub or two.  It made me wonder – is there some kind of unwritten rule about playground PDA? No sneaking kisses under the slides?  Hand holding banned on the swings?  Or should we be surrounding our children with expressions of love?

What say you wise readers?  Do you kiss in front of your kids? How about in public or in front of other people’s kids?  Parenthood PDA…do you give it a yay or a nay?


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