I read a very interesting article that sparked a little discussion in my household. This New York time article talks about how women are becoming the primary breadwinner more and more. It shows that in almost 40% of households today (single and married), women are bringing home more money.

I am bringing home the BACON

I am bringing home the BACON

The article talks about many different factors contributing to this including college education  (more women are obtaining degrees) and also the rise of single mothers in the U.S. As a primary breadwinner myself, I do not think this article is off base but speaking to my husband he didn’t believe that the number was that high. He thought definitely in the Northeast and West coast but not so much in the “Bible belt” of the country.

I can see this trend especially within my own group of girlfriends. A majority of my girlfriends are and will continue to be the primary breadwinners. With that said many of my friends have higher educations and are lucky to not care about social constructs and/or have amazing partners who do not care either.

I have an amazing partner who has never cared but actually praised all my accomplishments. I am very lucky that my husband, who contributes greatly to our household, recognizes that money is only one factor in a household. He also sees the money as “ours” and not mine which is very important.

Love this man...look at him cook. He does everything!

Love this man…look at him cook. He does everything!

The article brings up that apparently the divorce rate is higher for educated married women who are the primary breadwinners. This appears to be linked to some women still believing the idea that they are the woman so they have to take care of the household duties too. This definitely needs to change.

Again, I have a great partner who luckily helps me and sometimes exceeds me in our share of household duties. Even more I do not fall into one role or another. I don’t feel like since I am the primary breadwinner I do not have to clean or since I am the woman I have to scrub the floors.

There is hope in this article for the next generation as it says more newlyweds show that women are the primary breadwinner off the bat so the idea that it is something odd will hopefully change. I hope more people can have an honest partnership where your genitals or “proposed role” do not dictate who does what around the house. I know it will be slow going but it seems to be changing which I believe to be a good thing.

Best partner Ever! Supports me in everything.

Best partner Ever! Supports me in everything.

So to my working mothers out there: Are you the primary breadwinner in your house? Do you or your partner have issues with it?

I would love to hear about others and maybe by sharing our stories we will start to change some people’s views.

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