You can start to feel the crisp fall air blowing through the open windows in the evening. The days are shorter, and if you look carefully at the tops of certain trees you can glimpse the yellow, auburn and red leaves poking through the abundance of green. Fall is knocking on New England’s door. Fall is my favorite season and the arrival of Fall has always signaled changes in my life; my birthday, the start of field hockey season, packing up to leave for college, the birth of my oldest daughter, and the birth of my youngest daughter. Now, as a parent, Fall means back to school. It signifies changes in the lives of my children, change in our family schedule and transitions.

This year our family faces three transitions: our oldest daughter is starting kindergarten, our middle daughter is beginning preschool, and our youngest daughter is making the move from the infant to the toddler room! Yikes, that is a lot of change for a family to take on at once! I welcome change and new challenges, but as mom I’m feeling slightly emotional about all three of my girls transitioning at the same time. It signifies that they are growing up too quickly and (GULP) I’m getting older even faster.

I vividly remember bringing my oldest daughter home from the hospital. I remember her baby smell, her baby mullet and her independent personality being present from day one. Now she is a Kindergartener who loves fashion, reads books, and finds anything on Disney Junior or Nick Jr to be “babyish.” Almost five years have gone by in the blink of an eye.


September, 2008


August, 2013

I remember the first time I saw my middle daughter, I was in complete shock that she had blue eyes, not just ordinary blue eyes, but beautiful blue eyes with flecks of yellow, surrounded by the most gorgeous lashes. Today her eyes look almost as they did the day she was born. Walking, talking, potty training and learning to write her name have been a blur. She is still a baby in my mind, not a big girl ready to set sail on preschool adventures.


May, 2010


July, 2013

I remember breathing and taking in every minute of my third baby’s birth. I actively forced myself to live in the moment and appreciate every beautiful second of her delivery. That was almost one year ago! She is now a walking, babbling and laughing toddler. I wanted her time in the infant room to last forever. I take every cuddle, every feeding, every cute little baby noise and face and lock it away in my brain, because I never want to forget the beauty of it.


September, 2012


August, 2013

I look forward to the new adventures my girls will undertake this year, but I will remember and cherish days that have gone by too quickly. Good luck to all my fellow moms facing new challenges and experiences this Fall! Any advice for me, because you know that I will be ‘that Mom’ openly weeping outside the Kindergarten classroom on the first day of school?!

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