If there is one motherhood role that I have to admit to not having mastered, it’s the role of hairstylist to my little girls.  You know those little girls that you see out and about with perfect braids and not one hair out of place.  Yeah?  Well, those little girls, those are not my kids. 

Try as I might, I am just not that good doing hair.  Most days, my girls’ hair is messy before we even make it to school, never mind how it looks by the time I pick them up in the afternoon. 

I tell myself that styling the girls’ hair should be fun but in all honesty, it’s just not.  My husband gets aggravated with me because it takes me too long to comb and style the girls’ hair.  My girls get aggravated with me because I take “forever” trying to get their ponytails perfect and because I comb too rough.  I get aggravated with my girls because after spending the time to comb, clip and braid their hair, they decide to roll around on the floor and make it look like rats’ nests before we even leave the house.  I’ve tried all sorts of elastics, barrettes, clips, and headbands.  It makes no difference.  Nothing stays in place for very long.  Hair in the eyes, dangling barrettes, and falling out ponies are all too common in our house.

As much as it sounds like I am complaining, I would not dream of cutting the girls’ hair short.  I love their silky, golden locks.  Little girls with long hair are simply darling.  I just despise having to try to style their hair on a daily basis and coming up short.  Yup, I surrender.  Every day is a messy hair day for us.


Lucky for me, they are cute even when their hair is messy.  I couldn’t get away with snarly, out-of-control hair, but they sure can!

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