When you found out you were pregnant with your first child, did you find yourself going back in time a little bit?  I know when planning my own child’s nursery and shopping for toys and books for his room, I made sure to include most of my favorite things when I was small.  I’m talking about the good stuff- the Classics.  I searched tag sales, eBay, and amazon until I found a fun mix of my own childhood faves.  It’s so much fun to see my son playing with these same toys and games that I did!  And that it is proof positive that some things just don’t go out of style.

Case in point-  Here is a snap shot of Jake playing in his room.  I found the Fisher Price Barnyard set (in the background of the pic) on eBay for a steal.  It was pre-loved, but that also added to the magic.  He loves “playing” Candyland with us.  It’ll be a miracle if the pieces survive in tact by the time he’s actually really ready to play it!


Next up is the Tupperware cup with sippy lid.  My mom literaly raised my brother and I on Tupperware.  It’s testimony enough that these products are still around- everyone LOVES them!!  They don’t leak, they take a beating quite well, and they literally, are quite the classic piece!


Finally we have the Classics in a literal sense.  Both my parents and my husband’s donated a lot of our old toys and books once we got older, but that still does not prevent us from teaching Jake the joy of the Classic book.  Your standard Classic? Little Golden Books.  We have amassed quite the set of our own thanks to tag sales.  We just made a huge score at one last weekend.  As you can see, we are already putting that to good use!  Mickey and the Beanstalk is his new favorite.  I read it to him at LEAST 3 times every night!


Among some of the toys not pictured but are well-loved in our home include: my original Fisher Price popcorn popper push toy, a Fisher Price pull toy helicopter, a Fisher Price milk man truck complete with 6 plastic bottles of assorted milks and OJ, and my original Teddy Ruxpin, which sits on Jake’s dresser.

Do you have any classic toys you passed on to your child?  It’s so much fun to see the joy in their faces when they play with something you too loved as a kid. 

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