When I was a kid my dad would always bring me and my 3 siblings to outdoor concerts. No, not kid-focused concerts and not even “cool” concerts – his genre was always bluegrass (a genre I have come to love because of my dad’s influence). We would go camping at Strawberry Park (in CT) every summer for their special bluegrass weekend. We’d go all over the state so that he could enjoy his favorite music and we’d get to dance and play. When I think back to my childhood, some of my favorite memories are things I remember from these concerts. If you’ve never been to a bluegrass concert or festival you might not know this, but a lot of people bring their RV’s or camp and I always loved walking around looking at all the different campers to see how people decorated them. I still love to do that.


Me and my sibs at some kind of bluegrass concert.


You must bring lunch to bluegrass concerts!


Me and my sisters, apparently having our own little bluegrass goddess circle!


Yet another sibling outing to a concert. I hope my brother doesn’t kill me for putting this photo on the internet lol.


My sisters and I would sleep in the back of my dad’s van when we’d go to a weekend long concert.

And now that I have a child of my own, I want to continue the tradition. I’ve already started bringing my daughter to outdoor concerts. They aren’t bluegrass concerts (yet) but rather fall into the jazz and indie genre’s. Bringing her to things like this means so much to me and makes my heart feel so full. When I see her dancing or really excited to look around at everything, I remember how I felt as a kid, spending time with my dad, exploring the concert area and just having a good time. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to give our children the best of our own childhoods.


My daughter at her first concert! She agrees that snacks are critical.

Jazz festival at the park.

Jazz festival at the park.


Another awesome concert at the park!


Gettin her groove on.


A mommy/daughter concert selfie. Because of course.

Special thanks to my dad for scanning in and sending me old family photos to use in my post.

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