None of my children have lost any teeth yet but over the past week or so, I have been seeing news articles about tooth value inflation such as this one pop up in my Facebook newsfeed and I have to admit, it caught my attention.

I can remember getting a dollar and a few quarters under my pillow as a child but it looks like those days are gone.  I understand that things cost more today than they did when I was young and so it follows that the value of a tooth should increase but OMG, with an average of about $4 per tooth and the amount of teeth each child loses, the tooth fairy must be loaded!  I want her job!

When the time comes and my oldest daughter loses a tooth, I think polling other parents in the area is great advice and keeping the tooth fairy’s generosity in the same ball park will help keep the tooth fairy’s “magic” alive.

Kids talk and will likely share the news of the tooth fairy’s visit with their friends.  I don’t want my kids to wonder why their buddies got more/less money than them for losing a tooth.  As a general rule in our house, we like to keep things on the simpler side when it comes to this kind of stuff and not go overboard with Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. I suppose the tooth fairy falls into this same category.

What is the going rate for a lost tooth in your house?  Do you give more for the first tooth lost?  How does this compare to the amount you received for a lost tooth as a child?

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