So my husband and I decided that it would be great to have another baby.

Now you have to know that I was one of those lucky women who never had a problem conceiving a child. I got pregnant three times while on various forms of birth control! (And no, I wasn’t careless!) Yes ladies, I am the 1% of the female population that got pregnant on “The Pill.” My doctor told me that I’m one of the ones who make up that percentage of risk they always talk about!

That being said, and after having “Irish Twins” who were only 13 months apart, we decided that another child would be a great idea.  So two years after the second baby… along came the third. And yes, it was another beautiful baby girl. When our third baby arrived I realized that I just didn’t have enough hands.

I frankly don’t know how women who have multiple births do it! You know… triplets, quadruplets, etc. I think I actually went a little brain dead after the third arrived. I was used to packing the “twins” up and getting around with them, but now I discovered how the everyday tasks became incredibly difficult.

Cars aren’t made to hold three car seats in one back seat!

Enter Mini Van!

Oh yes… I succumbed.

They had strollers that could handle twins, but I was backpacking one baby, strolling another with one hand and holding onto the oldest whenever we had to go out. It was exhausting!

Crossing a street with two toddlers and an infant? It was a definite challenge.

I don’t know in this day an age if you would get arrested for child abuse, but one of my lifesavers was a “leash.” Yep, just like a dog harness, it wrapped around the kid and you hooked up the leash in the back so they couldn’t undo it. Many a mother in my day took to this little trick. I got one when my eldest, all of four at the time, decided to disappear on me while shopping in Macy’s! Terrified didn’t describe my feeling that day! The whole store was looking for this kid and there was an alert put out with mall security. Everyone was looking for this child!

She was hiding under a circular clothes rack not ten feet away from me!

“Hide and seek mommy! I was just playing hide and seek!”

Drank a lot of wine that night.

From mealtime to bath time to bedtime it was a challenge. But I always had my helpmate, my husband David, to help. He was one of eleven siblings and was never afraid to change a diaper.  Between the two of us we worked out our routines and managed to get everything done… Even though both of us worked full time jobs! We raised those three babies and got them all in school full time. Sold all the cribs and baby paraphernalia only to find out…

I was pregnant again!

Left to right: Patricia, Lynn, Me, Steph and you guessed it... Kate!

Left to right: Patricia, Lynn, Me, Steph and you guessed it… Kate!

To be continued….

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