No, this isn’t a Halloween post. It’s more like Psycho. Except there is no shower murder scene, only a screaming, royally pissed off toddler.

Dudes. Just. I don’t even know. Audrey is so awesome in so many ways I can’t even recite them all. I mean, I guess I could, but it would take forever. But the last few days have been pretty much torture because she randomly starts wailing over… a bib placement? the cushion she’s sitting on? a single strand of hair? the angle at which I’ve cut her banana? the air?! I DO NOT KNOW.

My husband insists Olivia went through this phase, but I’m pretty sure I’d remember this… this… HORROR SHOW.

Whatever it is that sets her off, sets her off and she becomes instantly inconsolable. I’m talking rolling around on the floor kicking and flailing and screaming at the top of her lungs. Sometimes you can make out words, “NO! THANK! YOUUUUUUUU!” So, I mean, points for being polite? But, I don’t even know what she’s saying no to most of the time.

And she will spiral out of control for hours. We try ignoring her. We try figuring out what’s wrong. We offer possible solutions, we offer words of comfort, we offer hugs and reassurance and binkies and blankies. The other night she screamed through our entire night time routine (dinner, bath, jammies, teeth, book and bed) until I just closed the book (after one page – sorry, Pigeon) and laid next to her shushing her like she was a colicky newborn until she heaved herself to sleep.

The best part is she is FINE all day at daycare. I asked them and trust them to be honest with me. She eats fine, she naps like a champ, plays and shares and is generally a very pleasant young lady there.

I miss this chuckle head.

I miss this chuckle head.

So, what do we think, fellow moms? My first instinct is to blame teeth (Poor teeth. They get such a bad rap.), but I think she’s actually gotten all of them for at least a while now. Phase? Is this the Terrible Twos everyone warned me about?

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