This past weekend was very scary for me as my daughter broke out into hives/welts on her face after I gave her peanut butter. I thought it was very strange, because she has had peanut butter over the past few weeks at least a handful of times.

Over the years, I’ve heard such horror stories about children with peanut reactions and I had no idea what to do, should I bring her to the hospital or give her Benadryl? My husband I collectively decided to call the on-call doctor for advice. Shortly after calling the answering service I received a call back from the nurse, asking us to give our daughter Benadryl. It was the first time I had given it to her and I was nervous that she would even have a reaction from that, as unfortunately, she is allergic to a decent amount of medications.  

Luckily, within a few minutes the hives/welts went away and her mood remained normal, however, maybe somewhat tired (which was fine with us!).

I followed up earlier this week with an allergist recommended by fellow blogger, Christa Allard. Her appointment is next Wednesday, which I thought was relatively soon considering she will be a new patient.

I truly hope she does not have a peanut allergy as she loves to eat it and so do we! However, her health is our number one priority and whatever I need to do to protect her, I will.

Do you know of a child with a peanut allergy? Do you have any tips for being safe? I know I am premature for asking for this advice, but until I know for sure, the doctor informed me that I need to treat it as an allergy. If it isn’t her past ear infections, it’s something else right?

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