Groovey Tooth

Groove-y Teeth.

Mia took her first trip to the dentist and had her teeth cleaned for the first time. She did great and was not scared of the dentist one bit. She got a clean bill of health this time, but the doctor warned that she has really “groove-y” teeth. Not groovy as in cool like disco, but as in the tops of her back teeth have grooves that are very concave which makes it easier for little sugar bugs to dig holes in them. Great. The dentist was very kind and patient with her and even brought out a set of sample teeth with a large toothbrush to demonstrate how to brush properly. I am glad our visit wasn’t at all like pulling teeth.

Nothing happened at school?

We are going on week two of preschool and so far my daughter has been pretty mum as to what’s been happening there. The school’s philosophy does not believe in providing parents with written or oral daily reports. The premise is to just trust in the teachers and to focus on fostering the child’s growing independence. I totally and completely do, but I am a nosey mommy who has been conditioned by all my other daycare providers up to now to know every detail of my daughter’s day. Gone are the reports that went a little like this: “10 am snack, 11:19 am poop, 12:15 pm lunch, 1:00 pm nap…”etc. Now, I basically have to pry details about school out of her or I get nothing. Which makes for some pretty interesting storytelling. So far we’ve deduced from her vague, ever changing stories that she might have broken something glass in the classroom forcing everyone to stand very still; a very loud ambulance drove by the school at recess; and that she went to the potty several times. Sounds like a pretty productive day to me. She also informed me that she did not hit anyone today, but rather, hugged them. Hmmm…I am a little worried about that one. Oh well. But we love the school and at this point the only way I know that she is enjoying it is that she does not cry or cling to my leg in the morning at drop-off. I can’t ask for anything more. How do you pry inquire about your child’s day at school?


Walking into school

I have no idea what happens once my daughter enters this building.


Putting Others First.

We’ve also had a couple of play dates with her favorite pals this week. I totally don’t understand the way toddlers play with each other though. For days and days on end, I hear how much she misses this person or that person and that she really wants to play with them. Yet the minute she is reunited with her long lost friends, they barely say “hi” or even play together. And when they do try to play, they argue and bonk each other over the head because they cannot share a friggin’ piece of chalk. My daughter’s behavior the other day particularly bothered me when we were hosting a friend at our home. When I brought out snacks, she demanded to be served first or threw a fit. Or once her friend really got into a game, Mia decided it was time for a new one. I come from an Italian family that takes hosting and hospitality very seriously. If you don’t leave our home happy and five pounds heavier from consuming large amounts of food than when you came, we have failed you as hosts. I know she is only three and is still in the “all about ME phase,” but I pose this question to parents with older kids: When do children become civilized, selfless hosts? My daughter is normally a pretty sweet kid, but I felt the need to have the “putting others before you” talk. I told her it’s ok to understand and meet your own needs, but sometimes you have to put other’s feelings first. Oh boy, thankfully I have many years to perfect that speech.

I wish play dates could always be like this.

I wish play dates could always be like this.


So that’s basically been our week. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Just trying to do our best to make sure our child grows up into a normal, fully functioning member of society. And having a lot of fun doing it! How did your week go?


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