So picking up where I left off on my last blog, my fourth daughter was born.

Now a grown woman, Stephanie Louise Ivers (her father and I ran out of girl names by the fourth, so we gave her my mother’s and his mother’s first names) will always lament, “There are no baby pictures of me! There are tons of photos of my sisters, the only pictures of me were taken by Mary (her nanny)!”

Well… unfortunately that is the truth. By this time we were knee deep in Victorian House renovations and both of us worked jobs that were demanding of time and energy. So bringing a newborn home with three other kids was interesting to say the least.

I don’t know where everyone in the group is as far as how many children you all have, but if you have more than two you will relate to the rest of this story.

When the first one is born you have pictures taken at the hospital and pictures taken by a professional studio and you send out announcements and you get to use all the brand new things from the baby shower that your friends and relatives gave you. It’s all new and scary and exciting!

 Baby Lynn004

The proud new Daddy and Mommy with our first born!

You keep the baby in a bassinet right next to your bed at night and you listen for every breath for fear the baby will stop breathing. You don’t sleep, even though you could, and you actually wake up more often than the baby to check to see if it’s okay. You are all over this child and do everything by the book. You are going to be the best mommy this world has ever seen!

Enter the second child.

You take a few pictures at home and send out the birth announcements. You picked up a few new things for this one because all the new and pretty things that you had with the first have spit up stains on them. You have two different size diapers and you have your hands full.

Baby Trish003

Still taking lots of pictures!  Daddy is still smiling!

Okay, so now you move the first one into the room right next door and you leave the doors open so you can hear her if she wakes up. The second one is sleeping in the same bassinet but this time it’s on the other side of the room instead of right next to your bed. You try to get some sleep. You know the routine now and you are not quite so anxious about everything.

Here comes the third!

Katherine Elizabeth arrives! You take a few pictures, send out the announcement and start going to tag sales and Goodwill stores. You need another crib and the bassinet is getting a little worn out. All the stuff you accumulated with the first two is getting rather ragged and you look to friends and family for hand-me-downs. It was a good thing I had all female children!

All 3 babies005

Yep! That’s Katie in the middle. Look how haggard my poor husband is with three female children under the age of 4!

This time you move the newborn in with the second child. You realize that you would hear the kid cry is she lived in the next state, so you fall asleep from exhaustion. The oldest of the three gets her own room. She’s all of four years old and we tell her “she’s a big girl now” in the hopes that she doesn’t develop night terrors by sleeping alone without her sister. All is well at the Ivers residence.

Six years after, I’m working as a Creative Director in an ad agency and I get pregnant again!!!

To be continued…

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