So, he said it. Well, a version of it. I have been reminded A LOT of the time I told my mom that I wanted our family-mom, day, brother, sister, and me-to move to an island where we could live the rest of our days together, alone, without any outside interruption.  Obviously, times have changed.

And that’s what I thought about when my son said it the other night. Out of the blue at the dinner table Don asked where he would sleep when he was an adult (said in the cutest voice imaginable). I paused as various answers raced through my head and then I said, “well Don, when you’re an adult, you’ll probably meet someone like mommy and daddy did and you’ll live in your own house with them”.  Wrong answer…the look of horror and sadness that immediately came across his face both made me so sad and so happy at the same time.

I knew at once that he loved us, 100%. I also knew that this thought terrified him and that this was a moment in time, because like me, he too wouldn’t feel this way forever. I quickly said, “you know what Don, if you want to live with us, you can live with us forever!” This made him smile and we moved on to another conversation.

But I couldn’t help but think about the many times I was reminded by my mother about my statement.  And for the first time, I sort of understood why she must have repeated it so often, because the comment made her realize she was doing a pretty good job as a parent.

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