You would think with the amount of times we have been to the doctors and emergency room that we would have at least more than one child, but no, not us, we just have one child that keeps us on our toes.

There is never a dull moment in our house and this past weekend was nothing less than crazy!

It all started when I was downstairs preparing to make my meals for the week. My husband was upstairs with our daughter (16 months old) and all of a sudden I heard him say that she drank something she shouldn’t have. I couldn’t hear what he was saying I walked to the bottom of the stairs and asked him to repeat himself again. He told me, “She drank the liquid out of her baby enema!”

“Drank the liquid of out her enema?” I asked.

“Yes, she squeezed the liquid out of the tube!” he replied.

As soon as I heard this I screamed that we have to go to hospital right away. I then turned off the stove and proceeded to run around the house like mad woman until, what felt like eternity, Mike walked down the stairs holding our dear little one.

Off to the emergency room we went and let me tell you, driving with me in the car when we are driving our child to the hospital is not a fun experience. If I am not screaming or swearing, I am crying and flipping off cars.

As I ran into the emergency room with our daughter in my arms, I told the nurse what had happened; that my daughter drank the liquid out of her baby enema. The nurse gave me this weird look. So, I said it louder and louder until she finally understood what I was saying.  It was quiet embarrassing!

Long story short, consuming the liquid out of an enema, isn’t really a big deal. Its all glycerin and mineral oil and it would be very hard for her to get sick on. The doctor gave her some water to drink to make sure she could keep in down and before we knew it we were heading home with a frazzled look on our face. Both of us were mentally drained, freaked out and just a little shaken up.

Needless to say, we drank a decent amount once we got home to take the edge off!

Have you ever rushed your child to the emergency room? What was going through your mind as your spouse was driving or was it you?


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