Ughhhh I cannot remember anything?! I have totally and utterly lost my memory.  The other day I literally forgot to put a bra on. Do you know how embarrassing it is to realize this in the middle of the freezer aisle at the grocery store?

I forgot to shave my legs and wore a dress to work. Do you know how sexy it is when your legs look like Sasquatches? Va-Va Voom sexy

This is what I looked like: No joke  (Picture credit:

This is what I looked like: No joke
(Picture credit:

I forgot what I leave one room for,  to go to another room for.

UGHHHH I forgot how much this pregnancy brain blows.

Due to my science background I was just looking to see what the scientific background of this phenomenon is? It turns out the brain does not actually change but they suspect that the amount of crazy hormones coursing through your body may have something to do with it. Add in a independent toddler and it is an equation for total amnesia.

I have been trying to combat important things by entering it into my cell phone, paper calendar, and also writing it on my hand. Oh and remind your partner too of anything important. This way when you start a new job you will not forget a important conference call or training.


So ladies I am asking for any tips, what do you do to combat this never ending amnesia? Please share with me and then I can write it down.

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