While sometimes the two times of your life aren’t mutually exclusive, I’m feeling prepared for now, and later:

1.    You question how you look

Just like I was unsure how to initially dress my new baby bump, and my early freak-out over my growing belly, I am still looking at myself in the mirror and marveling at the changes.  I can now see some movement under my bigger bump, my pants are almost too small and, heck, I couldn’t even fit into my shoes the other day.  I was never one to obsess too much over body image, but it’s really hard with all these changes.  Sometimes, depending on what I’m wearing, I question if I even look pregnant.  But, I’ve had strangers comment in elevators, and people give up their seats for me in waiting rooms so, yes, I suppose it’s pretty obvious by now!  I’m not running out to cover the gray hairs (because, um, I’ve been doing that for some time now) or having plastic surgery, but these changes are pretty drastic all the same.

2.    And then begin to question everything else

Will the nursery be done in time?  Is our new house big enough for all the baby’s stuff?  Are we registering for the right things?  Are we ready for this at all?  No wonder people get depressed during their midlife crisis, when nothing seems good enough!

3.    You buy a new car

We’ve started to realize that my husband’s car-turned-“work truck” just won’t cut it when it comes to transporting a child.  So, we’re looking into purchasing an actual truck that will pull double duty as a work vehicle that is also car seat friendly.  No fancy convertible here, but a big change nonetheless.

4.    You want to surround yourself with younger people

Unlike a midlife crisis, where you may want to start hanging with a younger group at work, I’ve wanted to spend my time with an even smaller crowd.  I’m ready for babies!  I enjoy babysitting for my two nieces, and those pictures everyone posts of their kids on Facebook?  I devour them!  Bring on the babies, especially our own!

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