If you would have told me even 4 months ago that I would fall in love with running, I would have probably called you crazy.  I had dabbled with 5Ks over the years and I enjoyed the excitement of running a race but 3 miles was about all I ever had the energy to tackle.  So when a good friend of mine (our very own Sarah) asked me if I wanted to train for a 20K, I even surprised myself when I said yes! 

It was a tough 2 months of training but we did it and I am so proud of us both!  Somehow, we found the time to run several days a week, meeting up for longer runs on the weekends and now, we are about to pull the trigger and register for our first half-marathon.  Yes, we are living proof that even busy working moms can reach new fitness goals with a little motivation.   

The point of this post is not to brag about our big accomplishment (although we will happily take the praise), but to let you in on a few tips that might just give you the motivation you need to set some new fitness goals for yourself and more importantly, to reach them.

Here’s what has kept me motivated:

  • Tons of support from my family and friends – Talk up your training and goals to family and friends so they can offer encouraging words.  Sarah and I were so lucky to have our families make the trip to New Haven on race day to cheer us on! 
  • My running buddy –  It is much harder to blow off a workout when someone else is counting on you!
  • An upbeat playlist  – I run faster to music.  Be sure to change your music often to keep things fun!
  • Changing my route – Running the same path day in and day out can get boring but a change in scenery can help keep you going.
  • Much needed mental breaks – Running has become almost like meditation for me.  Whether it is a quick 20 minutes or a long 2 hours, when I am running, I am not thinking about the piles of laundry that need to be done or the groceries that I need to pick up.  I am not worried about work or refereeing my two daughters.  I am just running like a mother.

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