We recently moved to a new house. (And everyone survived!) We’re settling in slowly, but surely and only have about 10,000 boxes left to unpack and every single room to paint. It’s cool. We have forever.

With this move comes a new commute. In the mornings, I’m responsible for bringing Olivia to preschool, since it’s a quarter of a mile from my office, and my husband drops Audrey off “on his way” to work (it’s not really on his way, but it’s more on his way than it is on mine). From the time I leave the house till the time I sit down in my office is about one hour and fifteen minutes. Without traffic. By the time I get to work, I’ve already been awake for three and a half hours. Did I mention that I am the opposite of a morning person?

On the way home, I get both girls and from door (to door to door) to door is about an hour and forty-five minutes. The last half hour of which is spent listening to the children whine, cry, argue, complain about being bored, tired, hungry or wanting whatever it is that the other one has. That is a whole post in and of itself.

People hear the above and the first thing they do is wince. The second thing they do is ask me if I’m going to look for a new job.

I don’t even hesitate before responding. NOPE. I love my job. A lot of companies talk the talk when it comes to flexible work arrangements and work/life balance, but mine walks the walk. Not only because I adore the work I’m doing (and trust me, I realize how lucky I am to feel that way!), but because my boss – and company in general  – allow me the flexibility to be the primary caregiver to my children in addition to working full time outside of the home.

If my kids get sick, I have no guilt about staying home with them. Doctors appointments? All me. Mid-morning holiday concerts? Not a problem. Daycare fall resulting in a broken nose? I’m on it. (This is particularly helpful when you are the parent of a fearless yet clumsy powerhouse like Audrey. I’ve only worked here eight months and she is already an accident legend around the office.)

They know that my family has to come first, but they trust that I’m committed to getting my job done well and on time – even if that means editing documents at the car dealer while waiting on a repair (Hey, jerk who smashed my passenger side rearview mirror – karma is a BITCH! HAVE A GREAT DAY!), or writing interview questions after the kids have gone to bed.

I’m so grateful for that because I don’t feel like I have to let one suffer in order to give 100% to the other. Now if they would only offer free laundry service and meal preparation to the list of employee benefits…

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