When I was pregnant with our second child, I found myself imagining what this new little baby would be like. Would she have the same personality as her older sister? Would she be just as good of a sleeper? I certainly did not expect her to be a cookie cutter replica of our first daughter, but I was curious as to how different our girls would be.

I admit I was a little nervous about something I had been told on more than one occasion. “If your first child is easy, watch out because your second will probably be a terror!” I had considered Caroline to be a pretty easy-going baby so I found myself trying to mentally prepare for a  difficult monster second child. I look back now and see just how ridiculous that was. I had this poor child pegged as challenging before she was even out of the womb!

Our little Emma is now almost a year and a half old. She is growing and changing every day. She has her own unique personality and characteristics. She is a girl who knows what she wants and has no problem making it known. She tries her best to keep up with her big sister (and does an impressive job doing so).

One of the major differences I have noticed between my girls is regarding their attachment issues (or lack there of). Caroline was a bit more carefree when it came to being held by others as a toddler. Emma tends to be more of a Velcro child that would prefer to be with, and held by, her parents. I know it won’t last forever. Sure there are times when I’d love a little break, but I remind myself that there will come a time when I’ll long for these days of feeling so wanted and needed.

Another noticeable difference between Caroline and Emma is their sleep habits. Caroline began sleeping through the night at only six weeks old. Emma started somewhere around three months, with some stints of waking up during the night (yes, I still consider myself lucky). Those  sleepless nights felt pretty rough at the time, but it did provide additional opportunities for bonding and extra cuddle time during the night. Not to mention that my body adjusted over time. I no longer require the eight (or more) hours if sleep I used to need in order to feel rested. Now, six or seven hours are sufficient which has led to more productivity and a chance for “me” time after the girls are asleep! (Reading a book without passing out in the middle of the first page? Yes please!)

My daughters share a love of animals, books, and getting dirty. They are both strong-willed, independent, and tough. Yet there are also many differences between them. And what a glorious thing “different” is! If every child, every human being, were the same, how boring life would be! Variety is the spice of life, am I right? I’m looking forward to observing even more of their differences as time goes on.

Same parents, different personalities! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

(Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

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