This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Our new couch!  And finally getting rid of the one that was sooooo disgustingly stained with drink spills, food spills and who knows what else (and the one that has been broken since our last photo shoot! Maybe I’ll finally come clean about that little fact to my husband now. 😉 )

The picture that broke my couch's back!

The picture that broke my couch’s back!

* My hubby was gone all weekend for a Mt. bike race and we still had fun as a family of four. AND my hubby did really well at his race, taking an hour off of his time from last year.

* A wonderful Earth Angel I know who helps me with my websites all the time. I mention her every week, but it’s just because I’m so DAMN GRATEFUL for Michelle Noehren and her technical expertise! What would take me DAYS to figure out she gets done in mere minutes. THAT is a true magic to me! ♥

* My Spirit Baby work! I’m sooooooo loving it! It’s not even work for me, it’s JOY and a sense of PLAY and purpose and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!!!

* The gorgeous weather this weekend and playing outside until it gets chilly at night. Hula-hooping, blowing bubbles, training our dog ~ it was a fun weekend with just me and my boys.

* Pizzaworks in Old Saybrook! Their pizza is yummy, they have AWESOME model trains for my boys to look at and the beer selection makes Mama happy!

* My wonderful baby, Kai, who I’ve dubbed “the SWEETEST TWO-YEAR OLD EVER!” Is that magic or what?!

* My awesome, awesome, totally awesome Wednesday Homeschool Playgroup! Three Mamas took their kids out of public school this year making us a homeschool group again (instead of just a homeschool duo) and it is the most wonderful group of kids and Mamas! We’ve been known to don on Fairy Wings at the playground and drink mimosas at playgroups and have hence named ourselves “Bubbles and Wings”! I couldn’t ask for a better group of Mamas!

Bubbles and Wings Playgroup!

Bubbles and Wings Playgroup!

* A Monday morning with very little planned. I’m up for anything or nothing and that feels pretty good to me.

* Hubby and I planning on making corn and potato chowder for dinner!

* Bacon! Bacon, bacon, bacon ~ my boys LOVE bacon for breakfast! Oh wait…I think we’re out of bacon….then sausage! Sausage, sausage, sausage!

Don’t forget to count your blessings this Magical Monday! ♥

My New Throne!

My New Throne!


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