Awww Monday morning, I am not happy to see you!

After a fun-filled weekend, a restless night’s sleep and over sleeping, I was forced to operate at high-speed this morning to ensure that everyone arrived at work and school on time.

I would say that 80% of our mornings go smoothly. However, the other 20% result in me doing the morning hustle. Rushing, running, and scurrying around to make sure my family gets out the door. For me, it’s not an option to skip components of my children’s morning routine. Regardless of how late we are, they still have to eat breakfast, wash-up, brush their teeth, and make sure their bags are packed with the proper items for school.

When I am in the position of having to cut time out of our morning routine I find it in my own routine. I have several “skips” that I use to squeeze extra minutes out of the morning.

Here are some ways that I have kept my family on time in the morning:

Skip the blowdry. I usually leave the house with wet hair (even in winter!)

Pass on the ironing. If my clothes are really wrinkly,  I might toss them into the dryer, but I just don’t have the time to iron things in the morning. Pieces of clothing that are supposed to look that nice on a regular basis, find their way to the dry cleaners.

Avoid the shower. Yes, I have been faced with making an important meeting or taking a nice hot shower, the meeting wins.

Apply makeup in the Dunkin Donuts line. Some rushed mornings when I don’t have time to apply makeup I put on the basics while waiting for my coffee at Dunkin Donuts (because no morning is EVER too rushed for coffee!) And, sometimes in the summer, when I have a nicer glow to my skin, I’ve been known to be found in the work bathroom applying my makeup.


Pass on the tights. Tights, nylons, stockings, whatever you wear and whatever you call them, they take up a lot of time. If I’m rushed, the last thing I do is grab a pair of stockings to wear under my dress. Since I’m already rushed I will hurry to put them on, which eventually leads to a run or a hole, so why bother? I grab a pair of knee socks and my go-to boots. Lets just hope that I didn’t skip on shaving my legs, because hairy knees are the worst!

While it might seem unseemly to skip some of these steps in your morning routine, it really does save the essential minutes on those stressful mornings. Surprisingly, I don’t always look like a hot mess when I arrive at work. I have discovered that the key to pulling off the “skips” is to make sure you don’t do multiple skips on same morning. Showing up at work with wet hair, no make up and wrinkled clothes…well, that might be questionable. Just use one skip at a time and make sure to alternate.

How else can I save time in the morning?

Good luck and happy mornings!

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