Lately, I’ve been noticing the cute little signs around our house that shout out “KIDS LIVE HERE!”


Now don’t get me wrong, not everything my kids do to my house is cute.  For example, those sticky spots on the floor or the random stickers on the table and window sill, I don’t see anything cute about those things necessarily, but this:

polarThis is too cute.

And this:booksThis is sweet.

And the other day when my oldest daughter was taking FOREVER to come downstairs for breakfast and I was feeling annoyed but then she told me she was just finishing up with organizing her room and I found this:


I noticed that it is just adorable how she makes her own bed and places her slippers on the floor.

And there is something cute even about this:


Do you take a minute to notice some of the cute things your children do around your house?  If not, you should.  I guarantee you will find at least a few things to smile about among all the messes and toys.

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