Next week, October 7-13, 2013, is International Babywearing Week!

There are so many things I enjoy about wearing my babies and toddlers: the ease and convenience, the closeness, the ability kiss and sniff their little heads as many times as I please, seeing them enjoy it just as much as I do, the effectiveness (when my middle daughter was an infant, we called the Ergo our ‘instant sleep machine’).

But there is something else I love about it too.  As a woman who tried, but did not achieve a pregnancy, there is something so healing about having my baby wrapped tightly to my belly.  To have her be so relaxed right up against me.  Feeling her every hiccup and tiny movement.  To have her so close that I forget where her skin ends and mine begins.  I wasn’t able to be the one to carry her for those first 9 months, but I can now.


Pictured carriers include a Moby wrap, Mei Tai, and Ergo


There is this quote that used to break my heart a little any time I came across it:

“Nobody will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

Well, it doesn’t carry the same sting for me any more.  I’m pretty sure my angels are familiar with the sound of my heart…

as they should be, since it beats their names.

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