Can I vent to you for a minute or two? I cannot stand maternity clothes.

Yes I KNOW clothes today are better than the moo-moo outfits our poor mothers and grandmothers had to wear but seriously a majority of it is still crap. Not only do these clothes make you look like a disgusting cow (ok maybe its in my brain but give me a freaking break I am hormonal & pregnant) but you basically have to buy clothes you may never wear again. Even with my first pregnancy I saved my first load of crappy maternity clothes I had bought but now low and behold: I GET PREGNANT in an opposite season.

I know I could have worn this...

I know I could have worn this…

So here I am again having to go purchase more maternity clothes. You basically can choose from a few stores like Target, and Maternity Motherhood or you have to make a guess online as to what you think would look good on your bulbous belly.

Seriously why don’t more stores have maternity clothes? How could there not be a population large enough for this? Millions of babies are born everyday! I won’t name any names but I am seriously considering writing some of these companies letters.

Who am I kidding I can’t stay awake past 9:30 pm these days.

My other question is this:  whose stupid idea was it to make so many damn maternity sweaters that have horizontal stripes? Why would I want to look even larger than I do? Horizontal stripes only look good on extremely thin women which is great but what about the rest of us? Where are the vertical ones? Help a mother out would ya?

Really? Do you have to accentuate how large I feel? (Picture credit:

Really? Do you have to accentuate how large I feel? (Picture credit:

Ughh so I just might have to follow-up and show you some of the ridiculous outfits I have to wear while pregnant or I see in these stores but for now I almost feel more comfortable with yoga pants, my CT working mom T-shirt on and no bra. Why isn’t that acceptable to work again?

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