First, let me start off my stating that I love Maddie’s daycare. Her teachers are amazing, the director is wonderful and I have absolutely no complaints. However, we had a slight scare last week when I asked about Halloween costumes.

 Apparently, each year teachers decide the costume theme in their respective rooms. Last year’s theme was farm animals, which I thought was so darn cute! However, when I was told this year’s options were, I almost fell on the floor.

 The choices for this year were, zombie babies, jail babies, hunters and deer and 80’s babies! All of them, except for the 80’s babies option, were completely inappropriate and to be quite honest morally wrong. Why would I want my child to dress up as a criminal or zombie? How is that age appropriate and how would that ever be somewhat acceptable in a corporate daycare setting? Also, I love animals and no one in my family hunts, I could never ever have Maddie dress up as a deer and be shot or be a hunter and kill an innocent animal!

Maddie's 1st Halloween Costume (2012)

 I didn’t know what to do when I was told this information. Part of me felt that I should speak with the director immediately and part of me felt I should encourage her teachers to come up with other options. So, a few days later, when I picked her up from daycare, I gave the teachers a list of options to choose from, age appropriate of course. Choices ranged from animals to Disney characters and from superheroes to “dress up like mom and dad.” I felt these were much better choices than dressing my child up as a criminal or half dead walking creature.

 As of this post they have not made a definitive decision either way, but I think they will be going with the superheroes theme. I feel very relieved and glad that I didn’t immediately run to call the director. While I disagreed with her teachers completely, I did not want to throw them under the bus without giving them a chance to change their costume options, which I am glad they did.

 Have you ever disagreed with a decision your daycare provider made? How did you handle it? On a lighter note, what are your children dressing up as this year? Will they have a different costume in daycare?

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