Today is my anniversary ~ my awesome husband and I have been married 13 years. We went away for the night this past weekend and it was sooooo wonderful. So, as I’m still swooning, my gratitude list will be all about our time together.

* There is nothing I love more than talking with my hubby over a couple of beers. We went to City Steam Brewery in Hartford, cuddled on a comfy couch, and just talked, talked and talked. I’ve always so adored our conversations and have always been fulfilled by them. I LOVE that he’s my absolute FAVORITE person to talk to!

* I told hubby that I wanted to go to a place that was featured either on “Man vs. Food” or “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”, but we didn’t really have a plan. It was so fun to stumble upon “Woody’s”, a hot-dog place that was featured on “Man vs. Food” by chance! Woody even put that particular episode on the TV while we were there so we could watch it. AND I guess we were so much fun that Woody gave us our dinner (and drinks!) on the house!

* Enjoyin’ some NI-ICE lovin’ back in our hotel room….twice!

* Getting to sleep in and lay in bed with just my hubby the next morning. Bliss.

* NOT having a hang-over! Whoohoo!

* Our fabulous babysitter, who came right to our house after coming back on the train from NYC. We love her so much and our boys adore her. It makes it so much easier leaving for the night knowing our 3 boys are in such wonderful hands!

* Our little two year old who understands everything we tell him and is so adaptable! He didn’t cry once when we were gone, even when he woke up in the middle of the night. Our little Kai is a rock-star for letting us leave so easily!

* Still feeling the glow from our day and night away. Hubby and I feel reconnected and it’s nice coming home to our wonderful boys!

* I’m so grateful hubby and I realize our relationship is a PRIORITY. I’m so grateful that we can ESCAPE together and find out that we still really, really like each other. I’m so grateful my boys are now used to us occasionally leaving overnight and make it easy for us. I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to miss my boys and then look forward to coming home. I’m so grateful that hubby and I feel closer and more in love than ever after 13 years of marriage. I’m so grateful…..

photo credit: Michelle Noehren

photo credit: Michelle Noehren

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