This Saturday my son and I are taking our first trip together, just him and I, to North Carolina to see my sister, her daughter and her new baby girl!  Not only are Don and I incredibly excited to visit my sister and his 4-year-old cousin, but this will be Don’s first trip on an airplane!!

My son is 4-years-old.  I made the decision not to travel with him by plane until now for a few reasons.  First up, I admittedly did not want to be that mom…the one whose baby is screaming and everyone is looking at them.  I could not move beyond the image of an anxiety ridden flight with me sweating and overwhelmed.

The second reason roots back to my own experience taking my first flight. I was 9 so I remember it so vividly because it was so incredibly exciting and I wanted him to be old enough to enjoy the experience.  I’m genuinely thrilled to get to share this with my son this weekend.  He has been telling his teachers and friends about this trip for months and I cannot wait to see the look on his face when we enter the airport and I get to hear what he has to say about his first flight.

There aren’t many more reasons that we waited to travel by plane, except the obvious one of cost.  Once Don was past 2-years-old and we learned we would have to pay for separate ticket we were pretty shocked. Flying is obviously expensive, so I feel very fortunate that we have this opportunity this weekend.

I’m interested to know if others waited to fly with your children or if you started from baby age? Fingers crossed for safe travels and a happy boy!

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