I am not the craftiest of mamas. Sure I let my toddler paint, use playdoh, and color, but the real crafty projects I leave up to the wonderful women at my daughter’s preschool. However, I could not resist doing this project we saw on the Noodle and Doodle Show’s Halloween episode, mostly because my daughter begged me to do it with her. Also, by the 23rd viewing of the episode (or so it felt that way) thanks to On Demand, this craft-shy (or is it averse?) mama, felt like it was easy enough to do with my three-year-old.

If these guys can handle this project, so can I!

If these guys can handle this project, so can I!

Here’s what you need:



1 Ziplock bag

Silver glitter

Paper or plastic plate

Black pipe cleaners

A black bottle cap (we used one from an expired bottle of salad dressing)

Double-sided tape

String to hang spiderweb

Boil the spaghetti and let it cool. Place spaghetti in a plastic bag and squeeze in some glue and mix it around in the bag.


Yum!  Spaghetti covered in glue.  Just make sure your toddler doesn't eat any - like mine did :)

Yum! Spaghetti covered in glue. Just make sure your toddler doesn’t eat any – like mine did 🙂


Form your spider web by arranging strands of spaghetti in circles on a plate. Once you have set up your spider web, apply more glue to the spaghetti-web.

Sprinkle glitter on top and then discard excess glitter.


So far, so good...

So far, so good…

Next, create your creepy spider by taking four pipe cleaners and attaching them to your recycled bottle cap with double-sided tape.

photo (17)

Glue your spider to its web. I should disclose that for us we had to secure the spider to the web with more double-sided tape. But somehow Noodle, Doodle, and some three-year-olds were able to secure it with glue only (told ya I wasn’t crafty).

Hi spider!

Hi spider!

Let glued, glittered, spidered spaghetti-web dry. On the show it seemed to take two seconds for it to dry. But in reality, it was more like overnight. In the meantime enjoy your leftover (non-glued) spaghetti. I love this project because it doubled as a project with my toddler and dinner for the family.

Once fully dry, tie a string around your spider web and hang it anywhere in your home.

spider web

*Note – this sparkly spider web does not withstand a toddler tushie since mine sat on hers and broke it 24 hours after completion. My advice: make multiple webs and hang them high where little toddlers can’t grab them, put them on the couch, forget it’s there, and then sit on it.

*Warning – we did this project outside, but still managed to get some glitter in the house, in our hair, and somehow on daddy’s new suit, even though he wasn’t present for the making of the spider web. But we happen to love glitter in this house (ok, maybe not daddy) so it didn’t bother us in the least!

Wishing you a spooky, yet sparkly Halloween!!!


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