Your days of listening to NPR on the car radio are over…it’s all Top 40 pop songs from now on.

car radio

You have lost control.

Thinks shorts and a hoodie are appropriate for 50 degree weather.

hoodie shorts

No, I’m not cold…in fact, I’m hot.

Spends hours in a swimming pool, but hates to get his face wet in the shower.


But I just washed my hair LAST week!

There is more drama on the playground than in Hamlet and Othello combined.


“To thine own self be true…”

As soon as you buy the Costco giant, economy-size box of breakfast cereal, he suddenly decides that he’s going to switch to oatmeal in the morning.



Can do long division by drawing squares, lines, and boxes – which will NEVER make sense to anyone who attended grade school after 2001.


They’re making it easier for kids (eyeroll)!

Nothing is fair…ever.



Toys have been replaced by sports equipment and video games.


“Toy Story” really starts to hit home. Good bye, Woody….

Wants to watch scary movies and winds up in your bed at 2am.


“Mom, I think I saw a ghost. I’m sleeping with you.”

And the eternal truth of parenthood…

Whatever it is today, it will be something else tomorrow.




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