I have to laugh out loud. My mother has had her revenge.

I remember being about 12 or 13 and my mother yelling at me “I cannot wait until you are a mother and your children ruin all of your nice things!!!” I can still see her veins pooping in her forehead as I stood over a family heirloom that I carelessly broke. I, of course, didn’t understand what the big deal was at the time.

Well mom, it’s time to laugh because I get it. I REALLY get it now. My son is now a toddler and has started a rampage of destroying things. He got a hold of sharpie and wrote all over a fabulous shirt of mine and broke a picture frame. It was all by accident but in that moment as I felt my anger rising I all of a sudden started to laugh.


Like, hysterically started to laugh.

I laughed like all three of these peeps

I laughed like all three of these peeps

This is when my husband looked at me like I was a crazy person and asked “What the heck is so funny?” I looked up at him and said “Touche, Mom, Touche!” My husband of course didn’t get it and stepped away from me as anyone would do with a crazy person. So I took a walk around my house and tried to put away anything of great importance and decided to not take it out until every child moves out (so that is only 20 years right?). As for everything else that might get ruined, I am resigned to realize I owe this to the MOM gods as a sacrifice for all the crap I gave my own mother.

So to mother – I hope you can sit back and have a good laugh because your hex from over 15 years ago is coming true every day.

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