This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* People that get me.

* Homemade pizza.

* My doggie, Lilah, and my cat, Wiley. Unconditional pet love may be one of life’s greatest things.

* Knowing that uncomfortableness means changes have to be made.

* Beer. Good dark beer is always a good thing.

* Fireplaces that start with a push of the button.

* Bedtime totally rocks. Grateful for THAT every single night.

* My husband, who knows that rubbing my back is a much better alternative than offering advice.

* For a steamy bathroom that helps my 5 year old’s croup so much.

* Handling a very wakeful night with sick boys gracefully.

* Bagels dripping with butter.

Don’t forget to count your blessing this Magical Monday. ♥



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