This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* A really lovely visit with my parents this weekend, who came down from Maine.

* The Haywire Burger Bar in Westbrook! There is a shocking lack of good restaurants where I live and the Burger Bar really makes up for this.

* The GORGEOUS sunsets the past 3 nights! (Has anyone else seen them?)

* Ni-ice lovin’ with my gorgeous hubby the past 3 nights!

* The brownies my Mom made for us and left behind…and the chocolate chip cookies too.

* I actually….drum roll please…did ALL my Christmas shopping for my boys on-line over the weekend. This is unprecedented, folks, for this last-minute-chick. I’m still in shock!

* Old favorite movies on TV this past weekend ~ The Matrix and Forrest Gump. Could watch these two over and over again.

* My boys adapting to the time change like nothing happened. Pure magic.

* Being motivated to clean out the playroom even more. I keep decluttering layer upon layer!

* Minecraft ~ which makes my 5 year old so happy!

* Train tracks ~ which make my 2 year old so happy!

* Sharks ~ which make my 8 year old so happy!

* Three awesome boys ~ which make ME so happy!

Don’t forget to count your blessings this Magical Monday! ♥


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