Parenting a baby or toddler has its challenges, but it also has its perks. Only when they’re that young can you:

1.  End or avoid certain situations by pretending everything is “asleep.” “No I’m sorry, honey, we can’t read that book for the 24,397,950,918,683,734,983 time; the book is sleeping now.”

2.  Accidentally fart in the car and have no one understand what happened and/or be vocal enough to comment.

3.  Run around as much as your kid does on the playground. You never outgrow playgrounds.

4.  Get away with not eating your vegetables, even if you make your kids eat them. When they’re older, they take notice.

5.  Experience HOT bites of food at meals…before they’re mobile, anyway.

6.  Be able to fend off something they’re requesting you do by suggesting that “maybe later” you could do it…and “later” never has to come.

7.  Blame your kid when you spill coffee on your shirt on your way into work…again.

8.  Smother them with kisses and cuddles, of course!

I love being this girl's mommy! Photo credit C.Allard

I love being this girl’s mommy!
Photo credit C.Allard


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