Mary Grace:

It was a cold, dark, seemingly ordinary evening after work.  One of the first really cold days we have had in Connecticut this year.  We could feel winter calling and bringing with it shorter days and long, dreary nights.  But it was not an ordinary Wednesday.  It was World Kindness Day.  So fellow blogger, Michelle, and I set off to Whole Foods armed with a grocery cart filled with colorful flowers & stickers with happy faces and hearts, and took to the aisles with our kids to make people happy as we embarked on what we called Operation #Kindnessbomb.

We had our girls hand out flowers to the tired and weary shoppers, many of whom were overworked moms (you could almost see the defeat in their faces) shopping with their kids.  To say the experience was uplifting is an understatement.  As we approached people, we were initially met with suspicion and apprehension, but once we showered them with flowers and wished them a “Happy World Kindness Day!” they instantly lit up with delight and you could see the gratitude in their eyes and hear it in their voices as they said things like:

“You made my day!”

“Thank you, that’s so nice!”

“Really, this is for me?  Thank you!”

“How wonderful you are teaching your girls to do this at a young age!”

One woman was in such disbelief that complete strangers would do something so kind for her that she kept repeating how much we made her day.  She was so moved by the experience that I felt compelled to give her two flowers.  Another nice, older gentleman said he would give the flower to his wife and think of how cute our girls were. Our girls were so excited as they ran up to as many people as they could, laughing and really understanding how good showing kindness to others feels.  I realized from that moment on that I want to live like this every day.  I want to raise my children to lend a hand to those who are down, or make people smile when life gets too serious.  I am so glad we were able to spread a little happiness and warmth on that cold night.  And it was definitely one of the best activities I have done with my daughter in a long time!


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Even our girls felt the love. They randomly stopped throughout the store to hug each other!


I absolutely love doing nice things for people. In fact I’m pretty sure it brings me more happiness than the person on the receiving end! That’s the beauty of kindness, it helps everyone. I’m trying to teach my daughter the importance of thinking about other people and caring about other people’s happiness so when I realized it was World Kindness Day last week I knew I had to do something! Embarking on this adventure with my good friend Mary Grace and her daughter made the experience just that more fun.

On the way to Whole Foods I snapped this super cute video of my 2-year-old. She was so excited! [And I’ve watched this 4 second video like 20x because it’s so freaking adorable!]

I can’t adequately describe in words how doing something small, like having our girls give out flowers, impacted the people we encountered. We hugged people. We made people smile. Multiple people told us we made their day/week/month! We walked around Whole Foods with ridiculously huge smiles on our faces, talking to everyone we came across. There’s something about engaging in random acts of kindness that creates an immediate feeling of connection between people. I felt more connected to the random strangers in Whole Foods during our operation #kindnessbomb than I have ever felt walking through a grocery store.

It was beautiful. An absolutely incredible experience that I will never forget.

Sisterhood. Compassion. Kindness. Humanity. We’re all in this together.

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