I’ve read blog posts and been told tales. Kids can be gross. My son was pretty good though. He never peed on me, has only thrown up once, and always pooped in his diaper. We definitely struggled through potty training, but overall, he wasn’t disgusting.

Enter my daughter. She, unlike my son, would pee while I changed her diaper. Ewwww! She pooped in the tub during bath time…twice! Gross! And then it happened. I stepped in her poop!

Apparently, my daughter decided to go into her garbage can. She grabbed a diaper out and while carrying it across the room, a rather large poop fell out. Her rug is various shade of purple fabric, some darker than others. I absolutely love the rug, but it can sometimes be challenging to find things if they fall onto the floor…including, apparently, poop.

So, while briskly walking across my daughters room on a mission to put her socks away and grab a hair tie, I stepped right in it. Absolutely disgusting. And, since I was walking so fast I sort of flung some and ended up stepping in it again upon returning to clean it. Double gross!

So, I guess what they say is true – kids are pretty gross! Luckily they’re pretty adorable too.



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