Until I had my daughter I never knew what people meant when they said their heart was full. Sure, I’ve known love and happiness, and joy, to where I’ve been more content than I thought possible, but in the moment of my daughter’s birth…my heart filled and swelled and stretched to a point I could never have imagined.

Since that day two and a half years ago, I’ve experienced many occasions where my heart felt so full surely it would just burst at any moment, unable to contain the love I have for this girl.

Parenting is simultaneously easier and harder as my daughter gets older. But just as she can express her frustration and anger more easily, she can also more easily show her love and happiness in a way that we can understand and appreciate. In just the past few days, my daughter has:

– Sung me songs – full songs – with such cuteness I want to melt

– Developed a style of dancing that cracks me up and impresses me with its intricacies

– Given me the best snuggles to date. Especially the one last night, where she curled up next to me on her bed for a story in a big-girl way she’s never done before

– Flipped through books and “read” them to me, describing what was in the pictures and making up her own story, complete with “once upon a time” and “the end”

– Given me my first unprompted “I love you, Mommy” before I could say it to her first

– May not always used the word “please” initially when asking for something, but has listened to me when I make the correction to ask for things the right way


Personality development, emerging interests, understanding of behavior and rules (well, sometimes)…I can’t help but be proud and happy. And joyful beyond words.

Heart. Full.

Photo credit C.Allard

Photo credit C.Allard

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