This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* The whole month of November where everyone else was grateful too (but really, why the hell do we save it all for one month or just for the holidays?).

* The fact that both my family and hubby’s family are in Maine ~ and that my family (in Kittery Point) travels to hubby’s parents (in Portland) for Thanksgiving Day. We’ve been doing this for well over a decade and everyone enjoys it so much. AND it just makes Thanksgiving visiting EASY.

* My whole family being patient and understanding while I’ve been sick this whole week.

*  Christmas music and Christmas movies and the fact that it’s December so all this stuff is acceptable to everyone (you know who you are, Thanksgiving Lovers!)

* Being able to get a Christmas tree today with my family since it was raining yesterday. And since it’s Monday, I’m thinking we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. Whoo-hoo!

* Cleaning out our fridge and wiping the shelves and drawers clean. It looks so good. (And did you know a clean fridge is good feng shui for bringing in money? It’s true!)

* My boys all got their haircut and they all look so freakin’ cute.

* Saturday I was feeling so tired, weak, and sick but then a few of my friends and I started writing dirty limericks on-line and we kept cracking each other up ~ it was a perfect way to end a sick day, laughing my ass off.

* My hubby being pretty awesome.

* My aerial studio in my home ~ I love being able to practice on my silks whenever I get a chance.

* Knowing that I’ll feel better than ever very, very, very, very soon.

Happy Magical Monday. ♥

on my silks!

on my silks!

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