I hate shopping…I seriously HATE shopping. Maybe it’s because I am completely indecisive when it comes to buying stuff, maybe it’s because I’m a little bit cheap, or maybe it’s because I HATE crowds. Needless to say…BLACK FRIDAY GIVES ME ANXIETY…



You might say, “If it gives you that much anxiety, just ignore it…” but really…is that even possible??! I can’t turn on my TV, surf the Internet, or even read a newspaper without being bombarded with ads that say:

12 HOURS ONLY…SAVE 75%!!!!



I am a functional shopper – I am incapable of planning ahead by thinking, “I’ll probably need this two months down the line.” I buy things only when I really need it (and often a bit overdue from needing it), and I RARELY impulse shop. I am completely inefficient when I need to buy something – I will spend HOURS “running errands” and come home empty-handed, frustrated and annoyed that I wasted the better part of the day. My poor kids have the same outfit in about 5 different colors because once I find something that works, I keep buying the same thing over and over again. If I wasn’t so cheap, maybe Black Friday wouldn’t bother me, but because I know that there are things that I will eventually need, the thought that not participating in this event means that I may pay a lot more for the same item a few weeks down the line makes me a little bit crazy.

Today, I have managed to stay away from all of the hype because we’ve been busy with the kids and with family. It’s now 10:30 on Friday night and I have only now turned on my computer. As soon as I booted my computer up, the following ad from a familiar store flashed across my homepage: From Now Until Midnight…in stores and online!!!

I break into a mild sweat. F*cking Black Friday…I guess I should look and see what kind of deals there are.

Instead of sitting down and really thinking about what I need, I decide to WRITE about my anxiety because ya know…talking it out sometimes does help. Yeah, I admit that I am weird and that I do have a little bit of a problem…

(Sigh) I give up…there’s always Cyber Monday.

My parting thought: Through this all, I keep reminding myself that I am lucky to be afforded with the opportunity to even make the decision to shop on Black Friday (or not). My family, my kids an my friends are all very fortunate and blessed in life. I hope that everyone else had a happy, safe and warm Thanksgiving.

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