I think that if there is any kind of wisdom that I can impart on younger moms from my experiences of raising four kids, it is this…. YOU CAN TOILET TRAIN YOUR KID IN ONE DAY! I am seriously not kidding about this. I did it. I did it with the help of a book by the same title.

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan Azrin

I found this little book on a rack in a pharmacy in Denville, NJ when visiting my folks for one holiday or another. These were the days before the Internet and so it was just by dumb luck that I managed to see it as I was picking up something from the pharmacy. Since I didn’t believe that this was true, I bought the book and brought it home.

Now I’m going to tell you that this method was devised by a bunch of docs who worked with seriously mentally challenged adults. These poor souls never were toilet trained and these docs found a way to train them in about two weeks if I recall. (I haven’t read the book since 1979 so I might be a little inaccurate with the timing.) And since they were successful with this method they figured they would try it out on children with the same disability. It took about a week if I remember, but it also achieved their goal.

Well, what the heck! They figured they would try it out on normal, healthy toddlers!
Eureka! In an overwhelming percentage of children, they found they could be toilet trained in
one single 24-hour period!

I couldn’t believe this! But as I read about the method I was astounded as to how thorough it was from a scientific viewpoint. These guys were brilliant! They not only told you how to determine if your child is ready to do this, they also told you what kind of clothing the child should wear, what kind of potty chair to use, and what kind of “wetting” baby doll you should buy.

That’s right, a “Betsy Wetsy” as we used to call them when I was a kid. The kind of doll that comes with a bottle and you have the doll “drink” the water and then simulate urination! In other words… the doll pees.

The whole procedure is based on one simple human flaw… JEALOUSY! Yep! Even little tiny humans possess this nasty little trait, but these guys found a way to use it to their advantage and so can you. You also have a support team in the background, which I will explain.

So if your child is sleeping through the night and wakes up with a dry diaper, you are good to go. This means that the child has developed the muscles to control the urine and bowels that are necessary in the training. If this isn’t happening yet, forget it. You’ll just frustrate yourself and you child because chances are they can’t help themselves yet.

Next you get training paints that are somewhat loose fitting and a potty chair that has a removable “pot” which the child will be able to lift himself. Then you buy all the salty junk food that the kid loves to eat and every soda that you know the kid will drink. That’s right… for one day you are throwing all healthy nutrition right out the window. You will also have to take a day off from work if you can’t do this on a weekend.

You start the day by placing the potty in the bathroom that is most accessible in the house. It’s a little tough if you only have a bathroom on the second floor. If that’s the case you might have to put the potty somewhere on the main floor where you spend most of your time. Then you put about a ½” of water in the potty chair. Now you dress your child in the loose fitting training pants without any plastic liner. This is because it needs to be uncomfortably cold for the child when he or she has an accident in the pants. They also have to be loose fitting so that he or she can pull them up and down themselves. Stay with me now….

Sorry, getting too long. To be continued next week.

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