I have put up a good fight. Sleepy Husky.

It’s inevitable. I have put up a good fight, but this weekend I finally conceded defeat. We will be getting a dog. Please don’t get me wrong. I love animals and ever since my beloved Patricia passed away, I knew someday I would have another four-legged friend.

Here’s the problem…

Our house is already a mess and potty training still has its setbacks. After 8 o’clock each night, the only thing I want to walk…is myself straight to bed. I feel a little guilty, but I like the two hours of free time I have each day without adding another obligation.

Why the change…

“Momma, I can’t wait to get a dog!” my son literally bounced into the kitchen this Saturday. “Is it coming before Christmas or on Christmas Day?”

What…? “You really want a dog?” I tried to produce a sincere smile, but kept my face focused on cleaning up the table (…or counter…or floor…again). “It’s a lot of responsibility. You have to clean up after yourself and a dog. We need to walk it every day, feed it, and take it to vet.”

“I can do it. I can!” he jumped up and down. I gave him the look, pointing down to the papers in my hand and clearly communicating that indeed he can, but would he.

“…oh…Oh…OH…!” he says a little louder with each ‘Oh’. “I forgot that…but I got it now. See, I got it.” He smiles with three missing teeth. He is so sincere and excited, that I feel my resolve waning.

“Let me talk to Mommy. We’ve already started talking about a dog that will fit our family.” We had talked about it on and off for several years. More often than not though, I ended the conversation with ‘someday’. Well, someday had arrived.

“There’ll be dogs at church tomorrow, so let’s see how that goes.” Our son is usually apprehensive around dogs, so I was pretty shocked when he pet just about every dog he could the next day. “I want the one that looks like a Husky. Did you see that dog?” he says with a big smile. Meanwhile, his sister ran out of the building as soon as she saw her first dog. Every attempt to engage her around the animals in the room failed. I had never seen her so scared, “…no…No…NO!”

The decision…

For very different reasons, I was resolved that our kids should have a dog. Our son, is beyond excited and you just can’t ignore that kind of joy. For our daughter, this new fear is yet another challenge to support her growth. Up until yesterday, she had been as joyful about dogs as her brother. I’m not sure what changed, but I know our response will be to help her find that joy again.

…oh and for me. I actually really love dogs. Maybe we can teach it to clean up after itself!






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