It’s a snow day! Yay! This is what my 5-year od daughter thinks will happen on her first snow day:


This is what is really going to happen:

snow day

Bring on the TV!

This is what I think my husband, a teacher, says about his first snow day of the year:


This is what it is really like for my husband on every snow day:


This is what it looks like for Mommy, who works at a bank:

nosnowdayfor grownups

For working parents, snow days can be a challenge.  There are delayed openings that make you late for work, early dismissals that turn you around as soon as you get to work and full-on cancellations to deal with.  I am very fortunate that my husband is a teacher in town so when my daughter has a snow day, so does he.  But we also have the driveway from hell.  It is a steep, bumpy thing that takes forever to clear.  And there’s no getting in or out of our house without clearing it, even if there’s only two inches of snow.  So the reality is, even though my husband is home, he can’t actually be watching my daughter the whole time.  He has to go outside and operate the scary snow blower and take care of business.  I usually try to figure out a way to get out early, using up my precious sick time, so that I can take over the inside duties while he does the driveway.  That puts me out on the roads, usually in the middle of the storm, trying to get safely home with all the other crazy people who apparently have never driven in a Connecticut winter before.

Parenting on a sunny day is usually a circus, so add some snow, ice and shake well-that’s a recipe for disaster in some families.  (Or is that just mine?)  I have to admire the moms that I’ve seen on Facebook today that have taken the day in stride, baked cookies with their kids, and had some unexpected fun.  Good for you!  Most likely this would be me:

off the ledge

As we Connecticut moms face the first of many challenging snow days ahead of us, here’s to us.  We’re New Englanders, we can do this, right?  Whether this winter brings snow, ice, power outages, or all of the above, we can handle it.  For my part, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a short, mild winter.

I'm ready for winter! Photo credit: K. Stevenson

I’m ready for winter!
Photo credit: K. Stevenson

Thanks to Someecards for the inspirational cards.

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