Before you even make breakfast you introduce the dolly to the kid. You can name the doll a gender specific name so that the child relates. You pretend to feed the doll the bottle all the time you are rocking and cooing to the doll and then you say something like…”Oops! Baby Doll has to go to the potty!”…. And you bring it into the room with the potty, sit it down and let the water run out. This is so the kid hears the “tinkle” in the water. With this you praise the hell out of the doll! “Oh see (child’s name) how good Baby Doll is! Baby Doll knows how to go potty!” You pretend to reward the doll with salty junk food and share this with your kid. Of course this will make the kid want to drink so you let them drink as much as you can.

Of course, the child will now wet his or her pants pretty quickly after that and they will not yet know that they have to do this in the potty. So you immediately walk the child to the potty and make the child pull down the wet pants, sit on the potty, tell them that this is where you make the pee pee and then tell them to get up and tell them to pick up their wet pants. You repeat this little episode from every room in the house (or on your main floor) by which time the kid gets pretty fed up with this. Plus, the training pants are now cold! This gets very uncomfortable. Now you make the kid take the wet yucky pants off and throw them in the wash or whatever you do with soiled clothes and you start all over again. More junk food, more soda or water, another Baby Doll praising session with the tinkle in the potty, and this will probably go on a few more times before the kid (and you) get pretty sick of running every room with the wet training pants. And yes, this will be one very tiring day for both of you!

But sooner or later the kid catches on and the first time they run for the potty or tell you they have to go to the potty you start the biggest congratulations session you could ever muster up! Here’s where the support team comes in. You call grandma or friends or aunts or uncles or whoever the kid is familiar with to tell them about how smart and wonderful your child is! Now you put the kid on the phone and the support team starts with the praising too! You can call a couple of people with each successive completed potty trip! Of course you have to line up the people in the support group so you are all available on the predetermined date of this training.

By the end of the evening you will feel like dropping on the floor. You will do nothing else all day until the kid finally goes to sleep, but it is sooooo worth the effort. My daughters all trained this way and there may have been just a few sleep accidents due to dreams or sickness, which you will not get crazy about because at this point the kid understands and usually feels badly about wetting the bed, but I can tell you that I was grateful for that little book.

My eldest daughter, who has two sons, used this method also and she couldn’t believe how successful it was. She passed the info along to a number of other young moms who didn’t really believe it and it worked for them also!

So I wish you luck with training your toddler and I would highly recommend trying this out. If you are like many of us who have used this method successfully over the years, you will be amazed as to how smart your little tyke can become in just one day.

What have you got to lose except the expense of all those diapers!

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