It’s been awhile since I unleashed some True Confessions. Since it’s the holiday season, I figure it’s prime time to unload some uglies. Wanna join me?

* My baby had bacon and chocolate ice cream for breakfast yesterday.

* I didn’t feel the need to play out in the snow this past weekend and didn’t make my children do it either.

* My hot water heater broke last week and I decided I was NOT going to handle it gracefully. Instead I bitched and complained for 30 minutes how I now had to do dishes by hand, in cold water no less, and how I was PISSED I couldn’t take the bubble bath I was so looking forward to. I fully gave myself over to bitchiness for 30 minutes and then I got over it. I don’t even feel bad about it.

*  I often whine and complain about how OFTEN my children are hungry and how OFTEN I need to help get them food. Seriously, it feels non-stop on some days.

* I don’t make my children eat vegetables. The only vegetables my 5 year old eats are lettuce in his tacos and turkey sandwiches and his daily pickle allotment. I’m not concerned about this.

* I started a controversial debate on Facebook yesterday and there were so many responses that I actually unfollowed my own thread.

* My doggie is so wonderful, sweet, and loving…and I often feel so much guilt because I only walk her once or twice a week.

* My husband and I only get our mail out of the mailbox about once a week. That’s still too much in my opinion.

* While Christmas shopping for my hubby on-line I got so stumped that I bought myself a whole bunch of presents instead.

* My 2 older boys spent the huge bulk of their time yesterday on their ipads….in front of the TV.

* We have guests coming for the holidays and I’m already LOATHING the task of changing sheets, laundering towels and cleaning bathrooms. I HATE playing chambermaid, no matter how much I love my guests!

Whew! That felt good! Any dirty laundry you want to air? Happy Magical Monday.


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