Good days, bad days, days off, home alone; I’m never exactly by myself these days.

My constant companion has been my sweet Baby Boy that I’ve been carrying around in my belly for the last nine months.

Especially once I could start to feel him move and kick, the idea that he really was with me at all times became obvious.  Never mind my growing belly telling me more of the same; the bigger and stronger he gets, every movement and kick reminds me of my little passenger.

I give both of us a pep talk every morning: “Let’s have a productive day at work, and then we get to go home and relax!”  Saying this out loud is obviously more for me than, well, for him.  It may sound silly to do it, but it helps bring focus and intention to my day.  If I’m having a bad day at work, a little kick from Baby Boy reminds me there are better and more important things to come in days ahead.  When I have a good day at work, I feel he has helped bring that good day about.  When my hubby works a long day, Baby Boy helps keep me company until he gets home.  It’s nice to feel he’s already an important part of my day.

My husband and I are focusing on enjoying the last two weeks we have alone together—even if our squirmy Baby Boy reminds us that time is running out fast.  Because soon, we really will have a constant companion—for at least the next eighteen years or so.

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