Just in case you are still hunting for a few last gift minute ideas for the special kids in your life I wanted to share a few favorites off our bookshelves.  These are not necessarily my kids’ favorite books, these are books I enjoy reading with them.   Lovey might tell you her favorite book is Sofia the First, but if I have to read about another Disney princess one more time I might just start wearing tiaras in my daily life.  (You’d love to see that wouldn’t you?) I tried to pick a few books you may not have heard of for this list.  If you pick up one of these they are sure to be a gift to you too because you will have fun reading them with your kids.  My kids are 2 and 5 and love all of these titles but some of them may work for older kids as well.  I’ve linked to Amazon just in case you need to pick one of these up.

A Bedtime for Bear by Bonny Becker Illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton

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A bear who likes quiet when he sleeps invites a mouse to a sleepover.  The mouse does not understand the bear’s need for silence.  This is a great book to read aloud if someone in your family is fond of using different voices for the characters.  Also, the phrase “Will this torment never cease?” has become an oft-used one in our house because of this book.

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Press Hereby Herve Tullet

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If I describe this book I’ll give away it’s magic.  Just trust me, this book is an adventure that your kids will want to “read” again and again and you won’t mind one bit.

*This book appears to be temporarily out of stock on Amazon.  Check your local bookstore or the library.

Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert

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When Lovey was much younger she developed a fascination with birds.  It has waned to a large extent so this book doesn’t get as much use as it once did.  The story is about a cat trying to eat the birds in his yard.  The pictures of the birds are very realistic and are to scale to the size of backyard birds.  It is fun to read the book and talk about the birds we have in our own backyard.

The Day Louis Got Eaten by John Fardell

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The girls got this book from my mother for Christmas last year after she heard a review for it on NPR.  Louis gets eaten by a monster and his sister goes off to try to save him.  The story is so creative as are the illustrations.  This is Kitten’s current favorite book to the point that at 2 she has memorized the whole thing almost word for word, including the appropriate voice intonations.

Can you See What I See? (series) by Walter Wick

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You’ve probably heard of these books.  Walter Wick is a local artist with a home and studio in Hartford.  He has been creating these picture puzzle books for years.  In a personal connection, my grandmother goes to church with his mother and as a result I have a signed copy of one of his earilier “Seymour” books.  Although Lovey was introduced to Seymour by a little boy at the library years ago.  Seymour (Get it?  See-More) is the little character that is hidden in all of the books of the series.  My girls love looking for Seymour.  Sometimes we will read the riddles to find the other objects but most of the time it’s all about Seymour.  I added this book to the list because it is a great time killer.  Waiting for dinner at a restuarant?  Let’s find Seymour.  Got a long car trip ahead of you?  Seymour.  Need a quiet activity to help get the kids settled?  Yup, time for Seymour.

Are there any books on your kid’s bookshelf that we might not know about but that you think others might enjoy?

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All crappy book photos taken by me, the one of me and the girls reading courtesy of Honey.

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