I am fashion-challenged. Additionally, I am cheap thrifty. I’ve never been a big fan of trends, as my cost-effective self sees it as putting an expiration date on my wardrobe. Add having a child to the mix and now I’m afraid I have let myself slip further away from any chance of being a cool dresser due to my new time and financial constraints.

My BFF and I casually started snapping photos of what we were wearing for work a year ago and then we decided to do it on a daily basis. It has now been a solid year that we have maintained this habit. I have saved a year’s worth of outfits of the day (OOTD) in a photo album on my iPad. (I know, I’m a total dork. But for more reasons than this – trust me.) In my opinion, my girlfriend has more fashion sense than me and certainly has a nicer selection of clothes. But this is not to say that she isn’t like so many other women out there who struggle with certain aspects of themselves that they may not like so much. Or like so many other women that just can’t seem to find anything in their closet.





No secrets here: my wardrobe consists mainly of pieces bought from consignment shops, Goodwill, eBay, Instagram, and clearance racks from favorite stores. I pay full price for nothing, and you can ask nearly anyone that knows me: I pride myself in that. If you’re not saving, you’re wasting. And although Jane’s clothes are certainly crisper than mine, she loves a bargain too (hey who doesn’t?) and we’re always excited to share our good deals. OOTD allows us brag about our savings. This excites me beyond belief.

Damn, that's a cold ass honkey. Photo credit: http://fauxsociety.com/macklemore-ryan-lewis-thrift-shop-music-video/

Damn, that’s a cold ass honky.
Photo credit: http://fauxsociety.com/macklemore-ryan-lewis-thrift-shop-music-video/

Knowing that I have to snap a photo each day has forced me to step up my game. Keeping track of my outfits has given me a good guide for reference and has encouraged me to mix up pieces of my wardrobe: push my color combination limits, throw on last minute scarfs or statement jewelry. Additionally, getting her advice in the morning (the white shirt or the gray one?) and seeing what she is wearing has helped to guide my choices. Just seeing a photo of what she’s wearing that day has caused me to ditch that black cardigan and kick it up a notch with a pattern! Left to my own last minute, bleary-eyed, I-hate-all-of-my-clothes attitude, I could walk out the door in some I-give-up outfits. And I’ve found that getting myself in order when I walk out the door leaves me feeling pretty decent throughout the day. It boosts my confidence and gives me a little sense of pride. We also give each other little boosts: “Love that sweater!” “Smart looking belt!” “Did you lose weight?” And these comments are always nice to give and receive … Especially when my husband, who is busily ironing and is generally nervous in saying the wrong thing keeps his eyes on what he is doing and just says, “Sure – that looks fine.”

Work it, people. Photo credit: http://positivelyaging.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/remember-fernando-lamas-snl-demotivational-posters-1294691278.jpg

Work it, people.
Photo credit: http://positivelyaging.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/remember-fernando-lamas-snl-demotivational-posters-1294691278.jpg

So, in closing, I just want to say that there is hope for all of those that feel as lame in the clothing department as I do. Sometimes all it takes is an objective opinion. And having a friend in your closet with you in the morning just might be the trick.

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