Without fail, every Halloween I find myself cursing the big box department stores peddling their fake Christmas trees, boxed gift sets of mixed nuts and smoked meats, and boxes of candy canes sitting on shelves at aisle endcaps.  Can’t I just buy my bag of candy corn and be on my way without bumping into blow up Santa lawn decorations in OCTOBER?!?  You’ve probably also seen the errant facebook or twitter picture posts of someone lamenting the death of Thanksgiving by way of Christmas in November, too.

I sit there nodding my head “liking” the post with a big, “ummm hmmmm” in agreement.

BUT- these people might be on to something with the whole thinking ahead about winter in the fall.  Why? What? I don’t want to eat a candy cane in October when I’m thinking about raiding my kid’s Halloween bag looking for a fun size snickers at 10:30 at night.  Here’s the deal- You try to think about winter during winter, and you could end up with an even bigger problem on your hands- like, oh, heading into Target to buy your kid a simple snow hat, mittens, puffy coat and snow boots before the first frost only to find the shelves wiped clean of EVERYTHING except a few pairs of odd sized pink sequin hello kitty knock off Uggs.

True Story.

Hindsight wins here, people.  That day in the same Target store where I was buying Halloween candy and pumpkin spice flavored cake mix and had the fleeting thought of buying Jake’s snow gear but thought, eh, I’m in here all the time… I’ll just pick it up later.  Well, later is NOW NOW, and let me tell you, pink sequin hello kitty knock of Uggs are NOT making an appearance on that boy’s feet any time soon.  Instead, I settled for ordering a pair of (what I thought were way over-priced, by the way) snow boots online, and calling it a day.  Oh, and on the hat and mitten set?  Let’s just say it’s a good thing he can still fit them over his little head and hands, otherwise I’d be paying another visit to my favorite home away from home (read: Amazon.com) and letting my fingers do the talking.

And let’s also hope and pray that we don’t get another snow storm in less than 7-10 business days, otherwise we’ll have to figure out how to pull off a DIY miracle with duct tape, plastic bags, and a pair of old sneakers!!

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